Emoji jewelry collection

Emoji jewelry collection

Don't we all love emojis?

They help us to communicate better over text apps and email. It was only a matter of time, therefore, before somebody had the bright idea to transform some of our favorite digital icons into real-life objects.

Enter our incredible emoji jewelry collection. With emoji jewelry from The Twist, you can wear all of your favorite text emojis on your neck, ears, wrists, and fingers. What's more, there's no holds barred - even the edgiest emojis make it into our collection! 


Choose Your Favourite Emoji

 What type of emoji person are you? Are you a happy person who can't stop using the smiling face? Do you love all things spooky and have a habit of spamming your friends with the ghost emoji? Do you indulge in toilet humor and make extensive use of the poop emoji? (You know who you are!) If so, then you've come to the right place. Our collection includes all of these emojis in high-quality jewelry, allowing you to pay homage to your favorite communication symbols. We have a vast array of emoji jewelry designs, no matter what your mood or personality.


Show That You're A Child Of The Digital Era

Do you consider yourself to be a child of the digital era? If so, you'll love our computer symbol earrings. Studs in the shapes of hashtags and the "at" symbol - @ - give you an esoteric cyberpunk look. You'll look like you're right out of the future. 

At The Twist, we also provide a plethora of rings with your favorite symbols from social media, including ampersands - & - question marks and, of course, the famous hash - #. 

Tell Your Friends That You're All About Peace And Love

Technical internet symbols, not your thing? No problem: we also have a bunch of emojis for all you lovers of love, friendship, and companionship. 

We stock the heart symbol in all its guises. Not only do we offer regular emoji heart rings, but also "heart eyes" lovestruck signet rings, and pout signet rings in different colors. 

If you're a bit naughty at heart, we have naughty emoji necklaces - the smirking face with horns - as well as flying kiss emoji necklaces. 

Get Jewelry For The Party Animal In You 

Perhaps you're the type of person who loves to party on the weekend and dance around. Well, you're in luck: we've got that type of emoji jewelry too. Our party-animal necklace is a stunning rendition of original smiling emoji, complete with a cone-shaped party hat. You can get the same emoji in the form of a bracelet too.

Show Your Friends You're A Rebel

It would be bad sportsmanship for us to omit the ever-popular "FU" emojis. Don't deny that you love them! If you want to wear one in physical form, then you've come to the right place. We do FU emoji necklaces in both small and large - perfect for when you want to send a message!

All our emoji jewelry is made to the same stunning standard as the rest of our collection. If you want high-quality emoji necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, there's nowhere better than The Twist.

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