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red lady bug bangle

red lady bug bangle

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Dress up your outfit with this adorable red lady bug bangle. It's beautiful enough to be worn on its own or stacked with several other bangles.

To create this bangle, 5.79 grams of 18K gold is used. Each bangle is slim and round to create an almost complete circle.

The opening makes this bangle incredibly versatile since it can easily be taken on and off. Then to accent the bangle is a delicate red ruby ladybug. Brilliant .1 CT red rubies decorate the wings of the ladybug.

Then .02 CT black diamonds highlight the body of the ladybug between the pair of ruby wings. To create the ladybug's eyes are two .01 CT white diamonds.

Where your bangle on its own as a simple yet elegant accent to your outfit. Or pair it with several other bangles for a more bohemian look.

Purchase your own ladybug bangle today and have a sparkly accent for your wrist.

average 5.79 GR 18 K gold 

0.10 CT ruby 

0.01 CT white 

0.02 CT black diamond 

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