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Mellow Yellow Earrings

Mellow Yellow Earrings

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Yellow topaz studs with cognac topaz and diamond ear jackets

Add a bit of sparkle to your ears with these mellow yellow earrings. Each pair features bright and clear stones.

 5.71 gr gold 

yellow topaz studs with cognac topaz ear jacket embellished with diamonds .


The main studs are a pair of stunning yellow topaz stones. They are then paired with a soft colored cognac topaz and diamonds as the ear jacket.

The cognac topaz is beautifully encircled in eight diamonds. It sits elegantly just below the yellow topaz and ear lobe.

This creative design adds a bit of flair and design without having to wear large dangling earrings. You'll have complete versatility in their wear since their stud design makes them secure during wear.

Pair them with your casual outfit and create a styled, put-together look. Or wear them for a night out to give your outfit that finishing touch.

Each stone is held in place by expertly placed prongs. Eight prongs hold the yellow topaz in place. Then the eight diamonds each have three prongs.

Add these earrings to your collection for the perfect sunny, sparkly go-to earrings. 

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