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Pink Sapphire Lollipop

Pink Sapphire Lollipop

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Satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories with this delightful pink sapphire lollipop. You can inject some fun and whimsy into your outfit with this pendant. Each lollipop pendant is carefully crafted from 18 CT gold. This creates the stick and the base for the lollipop,

Then to create its whimsical design, a bright blue enamel and brilliantly pink sapphires are used. Each swirls together to create a spiral that culminates with a larger pink sapphire in the center. The pendant is then strung onto a delicate gold chain to perfectly pair with the lollipop.

This gives you a complete piece that is perfect for any outfit that you put together. You could wear your lollipop pendant by itself on the days you're feeling fun and free. Or you could layer this pendant and chain with a few other necklaces for a custom look.

Add this whimsical lollipop to your jewelry collection today.

pink saphires swirl, enamel, 18 ct gold 

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