Collection: Rainbow

Chase the rainbow. Find what’s at the end of the rainbow. Color your world.

“I personally love slipping on a dainty multi-colored gemstone ring or bracelet. It transforms even the dullest moment into an expression of joy. The Rainbow collection is playful and young at heart and yet is stunningly sophisticated and mature. There's a certain charm and elegance to every piece, so don't save them for ‘special occasions’—wear them every day.”- Danya Jabre

In the Rainbow collection, each color tells a story and all the colors come together to create an uplifting mood. It’s an invitation to discover a life that’s all sunshine and rainbows. An eye-catching call to enter a world that’s somewhere over the rainbow. It’s where mythical unicorns run free, flowers smile, lucky charms shine, hearts beat, and seemingly simple rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are reborn in a distinctive palette of bold colors.

Rainbow jewelry showcases a vibrant splash of hues to brighten up your outfits and comes in an array of shapes and sizes. The creations in Rainbow are made of 18k gold and are embellished with real gems.