Consciously Driven Consumer: Our Commitment to Sustainability

At The-Twist, we are committed to promoting sustainable and conscious consumerism. We believe that as a brand, we have a responsibility to adopt a more sustainable production line and materials to reduce our environmental impact. Our mission is to preserve nature's resources in every way possible.


  • Local Manufacturing 🏭

To reduce air shipping logistics and our carbon footprint across different countries, we manufacture our products locally in Dubai. We work with talented local artisans who are proudly appreciated and treated. Our made-to-order approach also helps us avoid wasteful practices of stocking.


  • Made-to-Order Approach 🎁

We follow a made-to-order approach to avoid wasteful practices of stocking. This allows us the time to sustainably refine recycled gold and allows you to personalize your special piece with your unique gold color of choice and texture from our designs, and even add your custom engraving.


  • Recycled Materials ♻️

Our jewelry is made of 18-Karat recycled gold, which we skillfully collect and refine at our workshop. Our recycled gold comes from gold mined from being broken down after it is created into an item. We also source high quality pre-owned diamonds with a minimum VS1 clarity, which were previously in the consumer chain.


  • Eco-Friendly Packaging 🌿

We carefully choose our packaging to match our mission and vision and contribute to a greener and cleaner earth. Our packaging is recyclable, and we don't incorporate plastic or animal leather into our pouches or boxes. All our paper is made from recycled paper, and we print our gift cards and meaning cards with soy-based ink, which is a greener alternative.


  • Eco-Suede Pouches and Ribbons 🎀

Our pouches and ribbons are sourced from eco-suedes, which are made as a vegan and environmentally friendlier version of leather suede. This material comes from recycled or plant-based plastics, uses less energy, produces fewer carbon emissions during production, and helps further protect the earth's animals from leather farming.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and preserving nature's resources. By choosing The-Twist, you are supporting sustainable and ethical practices. Thank you for being a consciously driven consumer. 💚