Jewelry with a Twist !

We are fun and elegant

Our jewelry eloquently combines eccentric with brilliance and exotic with excellence. Each piece is crafted with a whole lot of care, passion and attention to details. We make certain to sustain the balance between whimsical and luxurious!

The twist has an effervescent character: it’s classy, quirky and witty. Once it glows, it resonates and bewitches the eyes – it never goes by unnoticed.


We believe in close contact
Influenced by our designer’s globetrotter lifestyle, our jewelry has a character of its own. Each and every piece is imbued with a rich culture built over the years of travel, which gives The Twist its flair.
Based on that, we choose to be close to the people, as our designs are inspired by cultures from different parts of the world: their behavior, their environment, their technology, their trends, etc. We do our utmost to keep a close contact and maintain fun conversations with our clients. After all, our aim is to make them feel special and crowned with beauty and style.
Customer Service with a Twist 
You can actually chat with us live if you need further information or a more personal approach , simply look for the chat box on the bottom right hand corner and we are a message away


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