My journey to The Twist, by Danya Jabre

My childhood fascination with jewelry

I was enchanted with jewelry, at a tender age. As a child, my grandma used to take me with her to popular markets. I remember this one time she lost me in a huge open market; she kept searching for me, until she found me pinned to a kiosk trying on rings for kicks! In 1982 Lebanon was at war, so we fled to London. Back then, little girls were not into fashion like nowadays, we wore what our mothers picked for us ! But living in London, I discovered an accessory shop in Kings Road that used to be the hang-out of "punks" back in the 80's. There is where I developed a taste for peculiar jewelry. I spent all my pocket money on zipper, faucet, scissors and all sorts of shaped earrings.

Juggling motherhood with business

When my 4 children were all grown up and ready to navigate through life on their own, I felt that it was the right time to focus on turning my artistic gift to a business. I decided to crack the shell wide open and embark into the world of entrepreneurship. I needed to feed my cravings for creating jewelry, as I was always taken by all forms of art. So, I put my artistic background and my graphic design diploma to use and started to bring my ideas to life.

Making friends with my clients

The thing I like the most about my jewelry is that it connected me to people from across the world - many of them are my friends today, although we never met. My clients constantly express how chic and cool they feel when they wear any piece made by The Twist and it is always rewarding to hear that!