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Baguette Medallion Sapphire

Baguette Medallion Sapphire

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Sometimes it's the most simply designed jewelry that is the most elegant. That is the case with this baguette medallion sapphire pendant necklace. Each necklace uses 4.75 grams of gold to create a round medallion that prominently features a single .6 CT brilliant blue sapphire.

The pendant is then placed on a super fine chain so as to not distract from the pendant. You can wear this necklace on its own for a subtle and elegant accent to any outfit. Or you can layer it with other necklaces to create a cohesive look.

Wear your necklace with your favorite t-shirt to give your casual look a touch of sparkle and elegance that doesn't overpower. The sapphire is expertly set into the medallion so as to not require the use of prongs.This creates a clean, elegant look.

Add a bit of class to your jewelry collection with the baguette sapphire medallion necklace.

average 4.75 grams gold

average 0.60 CT sapphire

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