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Bi-color Ball and Chain

Bi-color Ball and Chain

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Our Bi-Color Ball and Chain necklace is a striking piece that is made with the finest materials. We selected contrasting colors so that the necklace is easily visible from a distance while giving the piece more aesthetic weight. You’ll love how it feels and looks, and the extra compliments will be a nice addition.

The necklace weighs a total of 2.68 grams. The chain and chain-like design around the ball are both made from 18K gold. The black and white ball is made from enamel. The contrasting colors ensure the ball is all the more beautiful.

If you want a design that’s easy to see in any lighting condition, then our Bi-Color necklace is perfect for you. We’ve combined the best materials along with a master sense of design to produce a necklace that is striking and unique.

Buy this today and see how wonderful this necklace looks in person.

average 2.68 grams 18 K gold 


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