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Diamond Swirl Lollipop

Diamond Swirl Lollipop

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The diamond swirl lollipop pendant is an extremely beautiful piece of jewelry suitable for women of all ages. Thanks to the Swirl Lollipop design, it looks just like a candy bar. Your friends might want to eat it, but soon they’ll realize it is an expensive and extremely beautiful 0.26 CT diamond ornate with around 4.5 grams of 18K gold.

The design of this jewelry item is simply spectacular. You can turn eyes in an instant, regardless of occasion. You can wear it at work, at the restaurant and of course at a wedding party, where it will perfectly complement the candy bar. However, be careful, as some people might try to snatch it from your neck.

You can buy the diamond swirl lollipop pendant in a wide range of colors.

Choose the one you enjoy and use it to get in the center of it all and feel like a queen whenever you are surrounded by people.

average 4.50 GR 18K gold 

0.26 CT diamond 


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