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Enamel Amulet

Enamel Amulet

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If you need a little luck and prosperity in your life, then bring the good vibes your way with this enamel amulet medallion. This brilliantly blue circular amulet features lucky symbols from cultures all over the world. Each amulet is expertly crafted using 3.11 grams of 14K gold.

The front is coated in bright blue enamel. On the front, there is a gold horseshoe, elephant, star, moon, heart, four-leaf clover, and all-seeing eye. Each of these symbols is meaningful and meant to bring good luck your way.

Each symbol is fully detailed with intricate designs and details. Take note of the eyelashes on the eye and the circle within the horseshoe. The blue enamel and gold pair beautifully to create a stunning amulet that will look perfect with any outfit you choose.

Add this colorful medallion to your jewelry collection and wear it when you need a bit of extra luck.

average 3.11 grams 14 K gold

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