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Enamel Round Pill

Enamel Round Pill

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Our Enamel Round Pill is a unique necklace shaped like a round pill, but made with the finest materials. The pendant is large enough to be seen from a distance, but not so large that it’s gaudy. The necklace itself weighs about 1.92 grams and is made from 18K gold. This gives you a great shine with some extra durability. The pill pendant weighs about 2.84 grams and is also made from 18K gold.

Enamel is on both sides of the pill and can even be customized to make your needs. By default, the enamel is red, but let us know what changes you’d like and we will make them. Many people love this aesthetic because it’s unique and will stand out from the crowd. From the round shape to the pill design, this is a piece that you’re sure to love.

Buy our Enamel Pill today and see how special it is.

Be sure to contact us about any customization options you would like.

average 2.84 grams 18 K gold pill

average 1.92 grams 18 K gold necklace

enamel in both sides (can be customized)

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