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Enameled Jewel Pendant

Enameled Jewel Pendant

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Our Enameled Jewel Pendant is a unique piece that looks like a finely cut diamond. Made with two of the finest materials on Earth, we’ve produced a remarkable piece that looks fantastic up close while having enough aesthetic weight to be noticed from far away. The pendant is crafted from black enamel and is shaped like the top of a diamond.

The necklace and diamond lines around the enamel are all made from 18K gold, which ensures longevity, durability, and the unmistakable shine of true gold. The entire piece weighs an average of 3.75 grams. Our design makes this look like a true diamond with a stylistic touch. If you love diamonds and striking designs, then our Jewel Pendant is the perfect necklace for you.

As you can clearly see, care has been taken to craft the necklace into the perfect shape.

Buy this today and you’ll see how well it works with your entire wardrobe.

average 3.75 grams 18 K gold 


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