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Rainbow Bezel Hoops

Rainbow Bezel Hoops

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average 7.24 grams gold

4 CT natural sapphires

Take your hoops to the next level with these rainbow bezel hoops. Each hoop features the beautiful glow of gold and rainbow-colored sapphires.

Each hoop has a stud post that makes them comfortable for all-day wear. An average of 7.24 grams of gold is used to make the pair of hoops. They then feature 4 CT of natural sapphires in a rainbow of colors.

Ten sapphires are carefully placed along the hoop with a delicate ring. This gives them movement and interest.

At the top of your hoops are sapphires in blues and greens. Then as you move down the hoop, they transition to yellows and oranges. At the other end of the line, you'll find red, pink, and purple.

Each stone will catch the maximum amount of light thanks to expert cutting and detailing of gold around the outside.

Breathe life into your earring collection with these cheerful rainbow bezel hoops. 

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