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Ruby Round Pill

Ruby Round Pill

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Shaped like a pill or round tablet, our Ruby Round Pill necklace combines the finest materials like gold and rubies with a unique aesthetic that is unmistakable. The necklace itself is made from 18K gold and weighs about 1.92 grams. You’ll find this gives the necklace durability while still being lovely.

The round pill shape has both gold and rubies. The entire pill weighs about 2.84 grams and is made from 18K gold. At the bottom of the pill you’ll find many small rubies and they come to about 0.22CT of pure ruby.

You can expect this pendant to sparkle in the light and it’s truly a lovely aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a special necklace that looks like a round pill and uses the best materials like gold and ruby, then our Ruby Pill necklace is ideal.

Buy it today and see how wonderful it looks in person

average 2.84 grams 18 K gold pill

average 1.92 grams 18 K gold necklace

0.22 CT ruby

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