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Turquoise Hoops

Turquoise Hoops

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average 7.52  grams gold

turquoise cabochon

Our Turquoise Hoops have thin gold hoops adorned with multiple turquoise cabochon bezels that move about freely. The hoops average around 7.52 grams and are made from 18K gold. The hoops are made to be large enough so you can easily notice them, but not large enough to be gaudy or unsightly.

Near the bottom, you’ll see multiple turquoise cabochons. These tiny stones reflect the light and can move around as you walk or move your head. This creates a lovely aesthetic that everyone will notice. Each cabochon is encased in even more gold to show off the beauty of metal and the contrasting blue turquoise.

If you love hoops with a balance between metal and stone, then our Turquoise Hoops are exactly what you need. Not only do these have the finest materials, but the movement and expert cutting ensure you get the best light reflection. Buy these today and see why turquoise is such a popular material.

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