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Twin Baguette

Twin Baguette

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Our Twin Baguette necklace is a beautiful piece that couples two baguette-cut stones in a unique design that is truly breathtaking. Each stone has its own golden frame and they are connected into one unified piece. The stones are both different colors to ensure high contrast and amazing visibility. The necklace itself is an average of 3.60 grams and made from 18K gold, which has a spectacular shine along with great durability. There is a 0.03CT yellow diamond coupled with a 1.40CT blue sapphire.

The contrasting colors draw the eye to both stones, ensuring they both have equal visibility and it makes the entire piece more beautiful. Whether you love the beauty of stones or contrasting colors, our Twin Baguette necklace combines two stones in a highly unique way. They have been cut for maximum light reflection and have a brilliant shine.

Buy this today and see how well it accents your wardrobe and sense of style.

average 3.60 grams 18 K gold

0.03 CT diamond

average 1.40 CT multi- sapphire 4x6

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